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Art platform for artists from Ukraine

It is possible to scale to other countries that need it

People & Communications

We unite people of art with their admirers

It is possible to make a direct contribution to a specific direction and for a specific master.


Patrons get the opportunity to become a co-author

You can take a direct part in the implementation of art projects.

Social contribution

Opportunity to make your own social contribution to support Ukrainian artists

Support for the Ukrainian art industry in difficult times.


An opportunity to join the formation of the latest artistic heritage


We use modern technologies, including NFT opportunities for artists.


Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, Ukrainian culture has been under the fire of war, and all artists are on the verge of survival.

Art is the only artifact that lives forever, reflecting the universe through epochs, events, the emotional and sensual background of humanity against the background of historical breaks.

The creative sphere is always socially unprotected in the moment, but it is extremely important in the perspective of eternity, and right now it needs to be saved, giving life to a better future.

The lack of support and funding for the Ukrainian art industry has caused a global creative crisis, art is being saved in bomb shelters, and currently this problem is not being solved at the state level, but can be solved at the global level thanks to the Rotary Club.


Creation of an art platform to support Ukrainian artists to overcome the global cultural crisis in a country that stands guard over world peace,

providing opportunities to record the historical break through the prism of artistic reflection of modern reality and form the latest artistic heritage that broadcasts the art of victory and will save future generations from ruins.


Formation of an all-Ukrainian support network for Ukrainian artists,

on the basis of which the expert grant commission of each region will regularly select creative applications for the implementation of art projects that popularize the latest Ukrainian art in the world, and finance the full cycle of their implementation.

Restoration of the cultural industry of Ukraine

through the reproduction of the demand for Ukrainian creative products by the world community and the further involvement of industry specialists in the implementation of various art events in order to enrich local and global artistic heritage


Creation of a catalog of Ukrainian artists

for its further distribution among the global creative community in order to provide jobs for Ukrainian artists during the war and thereby change their life support indicators from survival mode to the full realization of their creative potential and quality of life.

Scaling up Ukraine's creative activity in the world,

providing equal opportunities for Ukrainian artists, morally and financially, and sometimes physically, affected by the military invasion, with representatives of the cultural industry of other countries, whose opportunities are not limited by force majeure.


Creation of the all-Ukrainian platform UA Art of personalities

from various cultural fields of activity, whose professional qualifications provide for high creative potential for the creation of unique works of art that artistically rethink modern historical events and states of humanity, promote peace, and enrich the world artistic heritage.

Creation of a grant program

that provides an opportunity to implement artistic ideas in the implemented project by selecting applications by a special expert commission and distributing funding among the selected projects, with full transparency of reporting to patrons in the process of implementing the program.


Creation of the All-Ukrainian Catalogue

of Ukrainian Artists and Physical Works of Fine Arts "ID_Art UA" with its subsequent distribution on the website

Development and holding of art events

aimed at popularizing Ukrainian art

Development and conduct of art trainings for artists

aimed at professional growth, identification of talents and creative potential of the individual, tools of artistic manifestation in modern realities, scaling of ideas and ways of implementing projects, working with thinking and subconscious, art therapy, mental recovery after traumatic experiences caused by the war.


Artists receive grant support for their own projects

The world receives relevant works of art from the epicenter of historical events

Patrons get the opportunity to co-authorship the latest work of art of historical cultural heritage

By saving art, you are building the future!

Rotary Interntational

Rotary is a global network of 1.4 million neighbors, friends, leaders, and problem solvers who see a world where people come together and act to create lasting change – around the world, in our communities, and in ourselves.

Charitable Foundation
«ID Art UA»

To broadcast events, circumstances, sensations, feelings and emotions - through artistic worlds that reflect the real world. The world that is being created again now is by the hands and hearts of every caring Person.

To identify modern Ukraine through the eyes of Art is the overarching task of the public and charitable organization ID_Art UA.

To unite artists, creating a platform for the creative embodiment of real Talents who were silenced by the war... After all, the artistic word can bring peace closer!

Pilot project

Personal exhibitions of Ukrainian artists in the world's leading museums

The cultural heritage of Ukraine in the context of new historical events has acquired special relevance and new meanings.

Today, fine art in paints on canvas reflects not just plots or metaphors, but an unprecedented turn of epochs in modern history. Artists capture not only events, but also the depth of emotional and sensual background, which cannot be conveyed in words and in the news feed. This is the latest art, modern, rethought, deep, for centuries.

Right now is his time - to save future generations from ruins, broadcasting pain through artistic images.

This is something that is important not only to know, but also to be aware, to feel, to form attitudes, to prevent and prevent in the present and future.

This is something that is important not only to look, but also to see.


Creations of the best Ukrainian artists.

In the best museums in the world.

Order the organization of exhibitions of Ukrainian artists

Holy Week. Mariupol

If unearthly suffering had a voice, they would shout "Mariupol" in the language of war...

A trilogy of the real battle of hellish darkness with the light of humanity, written in the colors of pain during Holy Week 2022, when the Ukrainian city of Mariupol suffered from bombing... where there are many victims, but no losers.

Only indomitability is a super-high price...

Order the organization of exhibitions of Ukrainian artists

Holders of the Sky

Warriors in. the battle hold the ground.

Warriors in the eternal Ascension of the soul hold the sky. Touching everyone desperate with weightless wings of faith in the righteous Victory. Reminding us why they become Warriors...

In all dimensions. Forever and ever.

Order the organization of exhibitions of Ukrainian artists


Courage. Faith. Force. Power. Invincibility.

These are not just words - they are the engraved code of the Ukrainian nation in every shade of paint on the artist's brush.

Where the artist is every Ukrainian. Where the canvas is the historical reality of modern times.

Order the organization of exhibitions of Ukrainian artists

Ukraine on Fire

Every empty box is a lost life" Feminine power strengthens faith, multiplies unity, and nurtures love.

The fire of war carves steel out of people's hearts.

Ukraine is the same steel love, surrounded by the protection of soldiers. It heals wounds, restores the pulse of the nation, gives life in the midst of death.

Order the organization of exhibitions of Ukrainian artists


Symbols carry deep meanings and through the centuries empower everyone who is involved in them.

The trident in symbolism is like a noose on the heart of every Ukrainian, which brings home with every glimmer of will.

We can be far away territorially, but next to the most important thing - at the level of the heart.

Order the organization of exhibitions of Ukrainian artists

The Coming


The fall is followed by the ascension.

After the ascension is salvation.

Salvation is the coming.

And faith always watches over them from above.

Unconquered and strong.

Order the organization of exhibitions of Ukrainian artists

Crimson Autumn

This is what peace looks like. In the world, in our hearts, in our souls.

No words, no battles, no evidence.

In the absolute of silence and the primordial harmony of nature, where the enemy's foot does not tread.

Feel... Multiply...

Order the organization of exhibitions of Ukrainian artists

Spring Will Come...

Prosperity is impossible without decline, and warmth comes after cold.

This cycle is inseparable and for Ukraine it is also historic.

The buds of victory have already set - thanks to the support of the world and strength of every unconquered human heart.

Spring is coming too soon...



Triptych "So it was..."

Triptych "So it was..."

Triptych "So it was..."

Fraternity Kiss

Fiery Cross

Ukrainian Madonna

Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors



Our Everyday


People and Their Toys

Star-bearing Angel



Time Flies...



Birth of a Family

Fragrant Coffee

Sweet Memories

Faith Hope Love

Walking Towards Light

Paradise Garden

Join the Art of Victory!